Race Results

After adding a race to your profile, you’ll see that we provide fields to enter vote totals for that race. This is a powerful feature that your readers will find incredibly useful.

Adding vote totals in a race will insert the information into several places: the candidate’s profile, the race’s page, any widgets you created, and your own Electable home page. This provides a beautiful data visualization of the election that users will appreciate.

If used correctly, the engagement it provides us unequaled in local elections. Update the results throughout the night, as they are reported, and your users will see the numbers update in real time.

How do I update a result?

Simply navigate to your profile and you’ll find input field underneath each race. Updating a number in that field will automatically update it in our database as soon as you deselect the field. We’ve also provided handy “save” buttons, if this is unclear.

What if another publication is covering a race?

Publications may run into conflicts if they are both updating results for the same race. But it’s important for our users and the candidates to only have one result in the system.

If you have another publication covering one of your races, consider reaching out to them prior to the election. Teaming up could save both of you a considerable amount of time and do everyone’s readers a service.

Why can’t I edit results for some races?

Some races are reserved for Electable admin. These are large races that serve many publications. We do this as a service to you, but also because we like to avoid mass confusion.

I can’t seem to edit results of any race.

Probably because the election hasn’t occurred yet. No prognostication, please.