Widgets allow you to use your information on wherever you’d like. They serve as a great tool to refer your readers to your full Electable portal, while providing relevant information. They are only available for candidates and races you are covering. Read more about widgets in our blog post.

Candidate widgets

This widget includes basic biographical information, as well as the candidate’s current race. Embed a candidate widget with an article mentioning that candidate to give your readers a quick overview and provide an easy way for them to find out more about the election.

Race widgets

If you post an article about the race as a whole, consider using the race widget. This will list all the candidates in a race and provide links to their profiles. On election night, the tool switches over to show the results of the race, if you have begun updating the results.

How do I embed a widget?

Once you’ve added the feature, buttons will appear across the site in the right rail – on any race you are covering and in the profile of any candidate in those races. Simply click on these and you’ll be taken to a form page that will be pre-populated with the content you selected.

This page will give you code for an iframe. You will want to embed that in your site. Each content management system is different with accepting HTML code, so if you are unsure about how to embed this code please talk to your system administrator.

If I allow this feature to expire, will my widgets expire?

No. Any widget for a race that occurred during an election for which you paid will remain active. However, you will not be able to create new widgets for races beyond the date of expiration, nor candidates in those races.

Why can’t I get a widget for races I’m not covering?

We want to be transparent to our users and other publications. If you aren’t putting in work to cover a candidate or race, we can’t let you benefit from others’ work.