White Labels

Electable wants to help you present the best coverage possible to your readers. For some publications, that may mean presenting a fluid user experience. This can be accomplished with our White Label feature.

This allows a publication to insert custom HTML into the header and footer or specific pages on the Electable site.

That HTML is then displayed using an iframe.

Read more about the feature in our blog post.

Why is the content in an iframe?

We display your HTML this was in order to prevent it from altering the main Electable content. Scripts or CSS could potentially interfere with our user experience.

Can my header and footer be responsive?

What is the subdomain?

A subdomain is often a directory within a website. On Electable, we use subdomains as mirrors. The site interprets the subdomain and displays the appropriate header and footer, while maintaining the same path following the domain.

What should I name my subdomain?

We recommend you use the same name as your website’s URL. If your website is www.bolingbrooknews.com, use bolingbrooknews as your subdomain. Your readers will easily make the connection with bolingbrooknews.electable.co