One of the most powerful features on Electable is our questionnaire system. As experts in local communities, this gives news outlets the ability to ask pointed questions to candidates – and it gives voters an easy way to compare answers side-by-side. Read more about the premium feature in our blog post.

Electable has a series of default questions that we ask every candidate. These are more general and allow the candidate a place to show their priorities.

Asking questions when creating a race

In the final step of creating a race, you’ll be prompted for the opportunity to ask questions by visiting the panel on the race page.

Asking questions in races already created


If the race has already been created, you may still add or remove questions. Visit the race and click the “Questionnaire” button. As a service, we keep track of every question you’ve asked in the past in order to save you some time. You may select a question from the drop down menu or add your own text.

Additionally on this page, you may delete a question from the race. If candidates have already answered this question, we keep their answers in the database, but your question will not be associated with the race.

Is there a default length to questions?

No, but keep in mind that long questions are not as user-friendly to voters. Try to be concise. Additionally, if a question has been asked by another publication we ask that outlets refrain from asking the same – or similar – question to the candidates. This is in part, again, more user-friendly for voters; but it is also mindful of candidates and the site as a whole.

What is the default character length of responses?

5000 – but this is a setting that news outlets can change under “Settings” -> “Other Settings.” A length is in place to encourage candidates to be brief in their responses. At this time we cannot set length on a per-question basis.