Managing Referenda

In addition to races news outlets may be following important referenda in their area. Often, these votes are more of a hot topic than electing officials, so Electable has built in the option to add referenda.

How to create a referendum

Click on the “Referenda” tag on your profile to create a new one. We’ll want the full text and your own description to provide context.

For a title, please try to be concise. The the full text can be very wordy – and become meaningless to voters. A title that is too long will just be hard for them to find.

Selecting a jurisdiction

A jurisdiction is the government entity which is proposing the referendum. Learn more about jurisdictions.

Another publication created a duplicate referendum. What should I do?

Just as in races, two news outlets may be interested in the same referenda. For these cases, the same ability exists to add an existing referenda to your coverage.

However, unlike races, it is possible that two publications may add the same referendum into the Electable database. In these instances, we ask publications to take the high road – adding the duplicate referendum and to delete their own.

If duplicates are discovered by Electable administration, the team will use the earliest created version; deleting others but adding the news outlets to the original. This action may be taken without prior consultation of news outlets.

Single versions of referenda are in the best interest of voters using the Electable platform, nor the public record we are trying to provide.

If you’ve already linked to this page articles, let us know and we’ll set up a redirect in our system.