Inviting and Managing Candidates

When creating a new race, a publication will need to add candidates to the race. It may be the case, that this candidate already exists in our database, but more often than not the publication will need to create a new profile for the candidate.

Adding a new candidate

It is in the publication’s best interest to have a list of candidate email address ready prior to race creation.

When adding a candidate with their email address, the candidate will be sent an invitation email to claim their account and join the site as a user. Upon joining, they will then have sole control over their own demographic and profile information – one less thing for a publication to moderate.

A publication may also add a candidate without an email address. This publication would then be responsible for updating the candidate’s information. A link would then appear on the public profile, allowing the candidate to claim this profile unsolicited. It is important, however, that no duplicate profiles be created on Electable. If this candidate already exists in the system, you must not create a new profile or risk violating our Terms of Service.

Moderating a candidate profile

Prior to the candidate claiming their account, however, the inviting publication is labeled as the profile’s moderator. During this status, the profile is editable by the moderating publication. We allow this so that publications can fully populate the content they’d like in the event of an unresponsive candidate.

A news outlet will lost moderating ability when a candidate claims their account.

Why can’t I add a candidate?

Candidates may only be assigned to one future race. This is a safeguard against duplicate races being added to the system. Rather than creating a new race, add the current one to your coverage.