Creating Races

Any candidate can join Electable on their own, but their real reach comes from being part of a race. The only way for that to happen is if a news outlet adds them to one – news outlets are our gatekeepers.

We don’t want anyone saying they are a candidate. Instead, we ask our news outlets to curate the races and vet only the candidates that are officially on the ballot.

How to create a race

You’ll find a “Create a Race” button on your profile page. This button also exists in the races directory.

Selecting a jurisdiction


A jurisdiction is the government entity to which a race belongs. Learn more about jurisdictions.

Adding candidates to a race

If a candidate has a profile in the system, adding them to a race is easy. On step two of race creation you’ll be able to type names and we’ll return the matches in our system. Click on the candidate that matches and we’ll add it to the race.

In many cases, the candidates in your race will probably not have profiles on the site. In these cases, you will need to invite them to join using the “Invite Candidates” form on your profile. By sending the invitation, we’ll immediately create a profile for them and allow you to add it to a race. Learn more about inviting and managing candidates.

Asking questions to candidates

Electable asks a few questions to every candidate by default, but it is possible to ask your own by upgrading to our Questionnaire feature.

The site won’t let me add a candidate; why is this?

Candidates may only belong to one future race in the system. This is a security feature to prevent duplicate races from being created. If you’re in the midst of creating a race, stop. Instead, add the race that already exists to your coverage. If you’ve already created the race we ask that you delete it.

The race I want already exists; what do I do?

On the race page there will be a button that says “Add to My Races.” Just click that and you’ll be added as an administrator on the race.