Adding Links

Context is key. We want more for our users than simply reading the responses of candidates – we want to send them to your coverage.

To serve this we have a system for you to add links to your races and candidate profiles. Just paste a link and hit submit. Your links will also appear on your own profile page, as long at they match URL in your profile.

Our script will scrape the page and read the Open Graph (og:) tags in the code to pull the headline and description. This may not always be 100% accurate, so after submitting a link you can edit the headline and description.

Where to add links

Editing related linksYou may add links to any candidate or race which you moderate. You’ll find a field in the right sidebar of these pages – simply paste in the URL and hit save and we’ll get the content. After adding a link you may edit the title and description.

Links that you add which match your account URL will automatically be listed on your own profile.

What if my site does not use Open Graph tags?

We highly recommend you place og: tags in your site. They’ll do good things for your social media presence across the board. But, if you don’t have them, we’ll pull the <title> tag of your site as the headline.

A link is returning a “Data could not be scraped” error

Some URLs can’t be scraped. This usually deals with the way a website is programmed. If users must be logged into a site to read articles, or if there is a cookie checking that the user hasn’t reached a limit, it may not be serving the right page HTML to our scraper.