Birth Dates

At Electable, we feel that it’s important for voters to know the age of their candidates. To determine this, we ask candidates for their birth date and then calculate age.

We also ask for anniversary dates and birth dates of children. These are both optional fields, but are asked primarily for candidates in local races. In some communities, voters may favor a candidate that has been in a long marriage.

For school board races, it may interest voters to know that a candidate has young children. Or, if education is a hot topic, any children at all.

In all instances we never display the date you input – only the amount of years since that date.

Why not ask for the years or age then, instead of the date?

If we did that – you would need to update it each year. With the date, we can let our server determine your age. On birthdays, that age will tick up and voters won’t be the wiser.