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Nov 7 '16

New widgets released for 2016 election

Just in time for the Nov. 8 election, Electable users will have access to two federal overview widgets that will be updated by the Electable team in real time. The electoral college map and the Congressional balance below are available in admin pages now.

Dec 20 '15

Video: Electable profiled by RJI Futures Lab

During the Online News Association conference last September, Electable founder Adam Nekola sat down with the RJI Futures Lab to talk about local elections. The Futures Lab, located at the University of Missouri School of Journalism is a “testing venue for new journalism and advertising methods and technologies.” In the video below, Nekola shares how […]

Mar 22 '15

Premium feature: Ask candidates your own questions

Local candidate profiles serve as a great tool for voters; but the more personalized the information, the better the profile. News outlets may add the Electable custom questionnaire feature to their account and then pose targeted questions to races. Asking these questions engages local candidates and provides them with detailed profile pages. Uses Electable as […]

Mar 22 '15

Premium feature: White label your Electable content

Adding the white label premium feature to a news outlet Electable account creates a seamless experience for your readers. The feature allows outlets to enter their own header and footer HTML to mimic the same on their own website. By sending users to their own Electable subdomain (ex: they may not even realize they’ve […]

Mar 16 '15

Premium feature: Widgets for your articles

Back when I was a web producer for a chain of daily newspapers, we knew that art elements always helped engagement in articles. Photos, of course, but when possible we would also include maps, AP videos and infographics. Some of the best elements we included served as tools that would help readers get to related […]

Jan 23 '15

Interested in helping the Electable team?

Electable was launched on Oct. 26, 2014. We’re a young startup, and although we’ve validated some things with SimpleElection, we’re looking to get a lot out of the 2014 midterms – and we plan to grow a lot over the next two years. But the direction of that growth largely depends on our users. If […]

Nov 3 '14

Voters increasingly using mobile for coverage; Electable can help

Mobile traffic has been increasing for years now, so it’s no surprise that a new Pew Research Center report found that 13% more registered voters are tracking campaign coverage this year compared to 2010. The survey of 2,003 adults showed that 28% of registered voters “track political news or campaign coverage” on their cell phones. […]

Oct 29 '14

Address search was experiencing issues

Update: Things should be working much better now. A detailed account of our efforts is at the bottom of the post. The address search found on the Electable home page is one of the core features of our site, but we’re working out some issues with it. Yesterday it seemed to be working fine, but […]

Oct 26 '14

SimpleElection to sunset Jan. 1

Two years ago, prior to the 2012 general election, I launched to test a theory. I wanted to know if news outlets would appreciate embeddable tools for elections; if they’d support a third-party site providing these. The results did not disappoint, and it set me on a path to build and launch Electable. Following […]

Oct 26 '14

Announcing Electable

Election night in a newsroom is like the Super Bowl for journalists. It’s all hands on deck. Each person has their role. Everyone is incredibly focused. There’s usually pizza. It’s also high stress; and the culmination of weeks of stress. In my career, as each election season passed, I found a growing need to make […]