Premium feature: Widgets for your articles

by March 16, 2015

Back when I was a web producer for a chain of daily newspapers, we knew that art elements always helped engagement in articles.

Photos, of course, but when possible we would also include maps, AP videos and infographics. Some of the best elements we included served as tools that would help readers get to related content – and that’s what Electable’s widgets will do for news outlets.

Embedded in an article about a race or a candidate, these serve as overview infographics. Readers will find them to be an easily digestible overview that provides an entryway into your text. Additionally, the links within the widgets help direct readers to your Electable portal.

Widgets for races start as a list of candidates, but display results as you add them. Candidate widgets display a biography card of individual candidates.

The additional beauty of these widgets is that they are responsive. Using the javascript tool pym.js, the height of the widget is determined by its width.

Learn more about widgets in our documentation and see a full list of premium features.