Interested in helping the Electable team?

by January 23, 2015

Electable was launched on Oct. 26, 2014. We’re a young startup, and although we’ve validated some things with SimpleElection, we’re looking to get a lot out of the 2014 midterms – and we plan to grow a lot over the next two years.

But the direction of that growth largely depends on our users. If you like what you see, here are a few ways you can help out:

Provide Feedback

We’ve done a good amount of testing and fixed all the bugs we could find, but there’s certain to be more. We still know there are several areas that need some attention, and we’ll be working on them over the next few weeks.

But if something isn’t working right, or you find something confusing, please let us know at

Join the team

Right now Electable is a team of two cofounders; but we’d love to get more people on board. In particular, there are three roles in which we could use some help:

A Marketing Specialist to oversee our outreach to news and political organizations. Additionally, this person would coordinate our newsletter and social media.

A Political Writer that would help find interesting political headlines from across the country for our Issue Watch section. Ideally, someone ambitious enough to write their own content as well. We’ll love for Electable to have its own original journalism.

A Financial Officer to do financial things. We’re learning as we go with this, but we’re also programming and designing the site. As finances become a bigger deal, we’d love to have an expert on board.

And maybe, potentially, other roles. If Electable intrigues you, reach out to Adam at

Server Support

By support, we mean donations or funding. We’re bootstrapping our funding and servers cost money. If you think this is a worthwhile venture and are excited in the possibilities, please reach out and let’s have a discussion!